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밀리미터파 레이다 센서 사람 존재 감지용 ST-CD101W ( EOL)




밀리미터파 레이다 센서 사람 존재 감지용 ST-CD101W ( EOL)


제품 설명

인간 존재감지용 ST-CD101W 레이더 센서는 밀리미터파 도플러 주파수 변조 연속파 레이더 시스템을 기반으로 인간 생체운동의 정적 인식과 인간 생체지각을 실현한다. 인간 움직임의 도플러 매개 변수와 인간 생리학적 매개 변수의 동기화를 통해 특정 장소에 있는 인력의 상태를 무선 신호 알림 게이트웨이를 통해 실현하여 장면 연계를 달성하며, 가정, 호텔, 사무실 및 기타 장소에 적합합니다. (온도, 습도, 소음, 기류, 먼지, 빛 등의 요인에 영향을 받지 않음)

밀리미터 웨이브 레이더 센서에 대한 최신 정보를 보려면 IFLABEL 웹사이트를 방문하십시오.

탐지 범위 설명  

1. It is recommended that the ceiling installation height is 2.75m away from the ground


2. Detection range
The range when the ceiling installation radar detects human activities is about 6X8m, the range when the human body is stationary is about 4X6m, and the range when scanning sleep is 3.6X2.2m. The radar installation location needs to be designed according to the room structure.

3. Scenario mode function: (data is tentative data, need to wait for test data combination optimization)

Default Mode

Trigger Detection Distance (Diameter)

Stationary Detection Distance (Diameter)

Area Detection Mode

Wide angle 2.6m/Narrow angle 1m

Wide angle 4m/Narrow angle 3m

Toilet Mode

Wide angle 3m/Narrow angle 1.5m

Wide angle 4m/Narrow angle 3m

Bedroom Mode

Wide angle 6m/Narrow angle 4m

Wide angle 4m/Narrow angle 3m

Living room Mode

Wide angle 7m/Narrow angle 5m

Wide angle 4m/Narrow angle 3m

Office Mode

Wide angle 6m/Narrow angle 5m

Wide angle 4m/Narrow angle 3m

Hotel Mode

Wide angle 8m/Narrow angle 6m

Wide angle 4m/Narrow angle 3m




1. Select the installation location according to the detection range of the product and the room layout to ensure that the room can be effectively covered;
2. The diameter of the product is 86MM, and the recommended hole diameter is about 60MM.



유통망 설명

After the product is powered on, it will automatically turn on. Press and hold the button for 5-10 seconds to configure the network. At this time, the red light is always on. After 5 seconds, release the button and the red light flashes to start the network configuration. If the network distribution is successful, the red light will stay on for 5 seconds. If the network configuration fails, the red light will go out.




주의 사항

1. This product uses radar to scan human breathing to determine the presence of human body;

2. If there is a moving object within the radar range, the radar will sense the existence of the object and judge the existence of life;

3. Personnel enter within 0.5 seconds to report someone; if personnel leave, the radar will have a delay of about 3 minutes output;

4. The radar detection range is related to the electromagnetic field environment around the room, and there may be a small distance error;

5. Radar scanning will penetrate glass, veneer, gypsum board, partition walls and other low-density objects, but cannot penetrate human bodies, liquids, and metal objects. Need to consider the installation location according to the radar test range;

6. In view of the possibility of interference from multiple radars (the possibility of interference from the same frequency for radars), users need to pay attention to the following when installing equipment:
A. It is best to install the radars in the same direction and avoid facing;
B. When three or more radars need to be installed in the same space, the radars should preferably face the same direction, and the distance between the radars should be ≥3 meters;

7. The rotation of large motors such as air conditioners and fans and metal objects blown by the wind will cause false alarms of the radar, and cannot be installed directly facing the air conditioners and fans;

8. The radar needs to be fixedly installed, vibration and shaking will cause the radar to produce false alarms;

9. The radar will detect the occasional movement of pets, birds and other animals. This interference item cannot be eliminated.

다양한 시나리오에 대한 설치 다이어그램



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